What makes the content viral?

Yes, I am talking about how to make the content Viral, I always have wondered why few ideas become a buzz while others don’t. When I started to research that is when I noticed these attributes that makes an idea a buzzzzzz…
Let’s see what those attributes that makes anything Viral.

Simple, Solid and Short

Audience get distracted and pay less attention if it’s ambiguous. They will not be ready to make effort to understand. Even before they could realise, they would go to switch off mode if it’s too complex.

But concrete content make the audience trust and believe in your communication. Emphasize on the concised message of your campaign, that you want your audience to perceive, focus only be on the message rather distract them with so much information.
Like this Mr. Jason Kander’s ad for aMissouri senate

Simple concrete and concise!

Surprise them

The element of surprise will always last longer in the audience’s mind and a positive surprise leaves a positive impression. Avoid repeating the same trend in all your Campaign, a surprise can only be unexpected once.
Like this ad from Dirt devil

Sure, you haven’t expected that twist!

Stories with emotion

Audience easily connect themselves if there is a story that emotionally convince them.
Research done by Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman found that the awe-inspiring content perform by 30% greater than the average and surprisingly the content with sadness as it’s appeal by 13% below average. So infuse appropriate emotion that your message needs.
Like this Samsung ad for their service in india

This ad left an lasting impression after watching, hit millions of views in a short span.

So, Create Solid Simple Short Surprising emotional Stories.

Now. Go Viral!!


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