What makes the content viral?

Yes, I am talking about how to make the content Viral, I always have wondered why few ideas become a buzz while others don’t. When I started to research that is when I noticed these attributes that makes an idea a buzzzzzz…
Let’s see what those attributes that makes anything Viral.

Simple, Solid and Short

Audience get distracted and pay less attention if it’s ambiguous. They will not be ready to make effort to understand. Even before they could realise, they would go to switch off mode if it’s too complex.

But concrete content make the audience trust and believe in your communication. Emphasize on the concised message of your campaign, that you want your audience to perceive, focus only be on the message rather distract them with so much information.
Like this Mr. Jason Kander’s ad for aMissouri senate

Simple concrete and concise!

Surprise them

The element of surprise will always last longer in the audience’s mind and a positive surprise leaves a positive impression. Avoid repeating the same trend in all your Campaign, a surprise can only be unexpected once.
Like this ad from Dirt devil

Sure, you haven’t expected that twist!

Stories with emotion

Audience easily connect themselves if there is a story that emotionally convince them.
Research done by Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman found that the awe-inspiring content perform by 30% greater than the average and surprisingly the content with sadness as it’s appeal by 13% below average. So infuse appropriate emotion that your message needs.
Like this Samsung ad for their service in india

This ad left an lasting impression after watching, hit millions of views in a short span.

So, Create Solid Simple Short Surprising emotional Stories.

Now. Go Viral!!


Do you want to know what becomes the basic building block of brand equity?

You may have started to think about innovative products, the cost effective quality products, lower price products as the building blocks of brand equity.

Now, think of a wonderful recipe that you have cooked where you added all the essence that brought a mouthwatering new taste altogether that you know for sure will be appreciated and will bring delight to the one who consumes it, the recipe itself can bring only few, because of its aroma till where it can spread. But all your family will come, only when you let them know that you have prepared such a recipe and it’s tastiness and they will start to appreciate all your recipe that you prepare because of what they already have consumed. Just because of what you have communicated to them.

Communication is critical in any discipline that clarifies thought, ideas, emotions, values, norms according to what a communicator wants the listener to perceive.

Communicating a segment which is technology savvy and makes time sensitive choice and decisions, is challenging.

As marketers it’s our responsibility grab attention, their attention in most effectively and efficiently. It is very important to make the customer/potential customers to believe and perceive the brand as the marketers want them to perceive.

In this era of innovation, technology has become the driving force.

  • Research says that people use two screens at a time.
  • Human attention span is 8 seconds and for Internet users it is 3-5 seconds that is less than that of gold fish with 9 seconds Microsoft study says.
  • ‌40 percent of people respond to visual information better than plain text.

Look below the interesting facts

In 60 seconds

  • 3.5 million search queries are made with Google
  • 4.1 million videos are watched in YouTube
  • 46200 posts are uploaded in instagram
  • 900000 users logged in Facebook

Check this. . the shift of importance towards customers services.

State of multichannel customer service survey in UK, 2015.
Suggests that

  • 97% of consumers say customer service is important in their choice of, or loyalty to the brand.
  • 92% expect a self service customer portal or FAQ page
  • 32% Use social media to complain about a brand’s customer service.
  • 55% say the key frustration in self serving portal is about too little information provided.
  • 43% have more favourable view of a brand or an organisation that offers mobile responsive portal.

These facts brings us these questions, that

  • Are, we the marketers reaching the consumer effectively and directly?
  • Are we providing them the required information?
  • Are we reaching them in efficient mode of communication?
  • Are we aware of the available mode of communication to efficiently reach the consumer?
  • Are we clearly communicating what the brand wants to communicate?
  • Are we providing the perfect customer portal?
  • Are we listening to consumer’s voice?
  • Are we taking action toward consumer’s voice?
  • Are we giving the customer the delight feel?
  • Do we really know how and what customers communicate about the brand?
  • What will give the answer for all these questions?
  • What can comprehend all the questions and integrate?

We should integrate every single possible communication and interaction that we make with consumer that would give satisfaction. .

Exceptional satisfaction leads to the delight factor, these delight factors bring brand association which positions the brand that leads to brand loyalty that retains the consumer base where it ultimately leads consumers to perceive brand equity.

Yes, Its Integrated marketing communication that we are talking about!

That make the consumer aware, reach, decide, locate, connect, heard, suggest, and become loyal.

Now you understand the building block of brand equity, I think.

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